I’m Just Sayin’

I’m Just Sayin’

Not the real “Fargo”

T. Eugene Thompson has died.  He was a criminal attorney convicted in 1963 for arranging the contract killing of his wife so that he could live on her $1.1 million insurance with his secretary.  He got no points for originality.  The Coen brothers playfully suggested their excellent movie, “Fargo,” was based on a “true story” in Minnesota in 1987.  Joel Coen later said there was no truth in that belief.


Congratulations to Mei Ziang, who gave birth to twin giant panda cubs at the Washington, D.C., zoo. Sadly, one of the cubs did not survive but a son is thriving.  I have particular affection for giant pandas, having been privileged to pet a cub named Zhen Zhen, a lovely lady who was born in the San Diego Zoo but now resides and is protected in the Bifengxia Panda Base near Chengdu, China. Watch her at play at www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MK-xbNG_QI

Mock Pandas

I am happily sharing living quarters and my office with two black and white rescue cats — Jade and Amber.  because they look like twins, I chose to name them according to their eye color — and their semi-precious status.  The younger of the girls, Amber, has plumped up to the point she looks like a miniature panda.

Janis at the Maryland Science Center

Alma Matters

Look for an article about me to appear next spring in the University of Memphis magazine.  I got my start as a writer when I majored in journalism there.  Got a great education.  Just goes to show state schools can do wonders for people who are willing to work hard and indulge in the treasures of a fine university.